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From the dorms

During the academic semesters, the Chapel van picks students up from the dorms. To view the Sunday morning van schedule, click here.
St. Paul's is located at the corner of Jefferson and Gilbert. Some students prefer to walk and others like to catch a ride. Here's all you need to know:
From Burge, Daum, and Currier dorms and the surrounding area:

These dorms are within easy walking distance of the Chapel. Head south one block to Jefferson and then walk three blocks east along Jefferson to Gilbert. After you cross Gilbert, you will be standing in front of the Chapel. If you pefer not to walk, the Chapel van picks up students in front of Burge at 10:16 on Sunday mornings. Any students living in the dorms or surrounding areas are welcome to catch a ride to church.
From Mayflower and the surrounding area:

If you prefer to walk, head south on Dubuque Street (about 7 blocks) to Jefferson. Turn east on Jefferson and walk two more blocks. The building is in front of you once you cross Gilbert. If you would like a ride to church, the Chapel van picks up at the front of Mayflower dorm at 10:10 AM. Any students living in Mayflower or in that area of campus are welcome to ride the van.
From all dorms west of the Iowa River:

For those of you up for a walk, head east along Burlington. It will be a brisk six block walk to Gilbert. Turn north on Gilbert and walk four blocks north. The Chapel van picks up students living on the west side of town. Meet the Chapel van in the small parking lot to the left of the Field House entrance at 10:01 on Sunday mornings for a ride to church.
Questions? Contact us at or call us at 319-337-3652 and we will help you find a way to church!